Toddler Time

Toddler Time is a special time that gives moms and little ones (especially ages 0-4) in our community a chance to get together, play and socialize! Held each Tuesday morning from September through June at Givens Community Center from 9:30-11:00 in the gym and hosted by the MOMS Club of Port Orchard. This simple program is full of indoor toys and was designed to encourage independent co-play with "friends" while parents can get a break and socialize, yet are still within arms reach. Each parent is responsible for their own child. Your child will learn transition and responsibility at clean up time. Circle time helps with sitting and listening skills. Snack time is great for leaning to wait your turn. We keep the same schedule as South Kitsap School District. If they are on vacation, or have a holiday we are not in session either. If there is snow and SKSD has announced late start or cancellation then we will NOT be opening Toddler Time for safety reasons. The cost is $2 per child and $1 for siblings. This money goes 100% to keeping the program going with snacks, replacing toys as needed, coffee/creamer for parents and such. The first time is Free to check us out and Infants are Free up to 10 months. However, many months of the year we are able to do charity drives instead of payment! Look for those months and bring in an item from the list that month instead of payment. 
********************* Toddler Time update! *********************
No Toddle Time for the summer months. Feel free to join a few of us many Tuesdays at the Clayton park on Dwight Street. We look forward to seeing you again in September once School starts back up! 


Thank you to Toys R Us for donating many wonderful toys for the kids to to play, learn and grow with! 


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